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Get ready to dive into the world of Cold Steel Grik, where practicality meets elegance. In this exclusive roundup, we’ll be exploring the best Grik products, helping you make an informed decision for your next purchase. Let’s embark on this journey together and discover the perfect balance of style and functionality.

The Top 20 Best Cold Steel Grik

  1. Double Agent II: A Versatile Cold Steel Knife for Everyday Carry — The Cold Steel 39FN Double Agent II offers ultimate grip and protection with its patent-pending double-ring design, making it an ideal companion for everyday carry or tactical use.
  2. Sleek Cold Steel Recon Tanto SK-5 Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath — The Cold Steel Recon Tanto SK-5 is a combat-proven fixed blade with its innovative tanto design, making it a top choice for military and tactical units worldwide.
  3. Cold Steel Gi Tanto 80PGTK — Tactical Drop Point Spike Knife — The Cold Steel GI Tanto 80PGTK is a dependable, versatile, and rugged tactical knife, ideal for survival, self-defense, and throwing — offering great value for its reliability and ease of use.
  4. Double Edge Drop Point Spike with Reinforced Aluminum Handle — Experience unmatched durability and versatility with the Cold Steel — Chaos — Double Edge, a must-have tactical fixed blade for modern-day warriors.
  5. Cold Steel AK-47 Folding Field Knife with Stonewashed Finish — The Cold Steel AK-47 Field Knife is a rugged, multi-purpose fixed blade ideal for hard-use scenarios, boasting a full tang, stonewashed CPM3-V steel construction and supplied with a versatile Secure-Ex sheath.
  6. Cold Steel San Mai Tanto Knife: Superior Quality and Lustrous Finish — The Cold Steel San MAI Recon Tanto: A 30-year masterpiece of durable, versatile and reliable Tanto perfection.
  7. Cold Steel FGX Wasp: Versatile Serrated Blade Knife for Outdoor Adventures and Everyday Tasks — The Cold Steel FGX Wasp is a versatile and durable fixed blade knife for all outdoor activities, featuring a sharp 7" serrated blade and a sleek black Griv-Ex construction for enhanced durability and performance.
  8. Cold Steel Kobun Serrated Tanto Knife — Tough, Reliable, and Versatile — Experience ultimate durability and versatility with the Cold Steel Kobun Serrated Fixed Blade Knife, featuring a reinforced “American Tanto” point and long Kray-Ex handle for enhanced performance.
  9. Cold Steel Peace Maker II Drop Point Spike Knife — Discreet and versatile, the Cold Steel Peace Maker II offers exceptional cutting power with its lightweight and thin design, making it perfect for everyday carry and a multitude of uses.
  10. Cold Steel Secret Edge 11SDT Knife: Slim, Efficient, and Versatile Neck Knife for Self-Defense — The Cold Steel Secret Edge 11SDT Knife is a discreet, lightweight, and highly efficient neck knife, perfect for self-defense with its secure-ex sheath and fixed blade design, ensuring swift deployment and reliable retention.
  11. Cold Steel Nightshade Tanto Drop Point Spike — Experience the ultimate outdoor experience with Cold Steel’s lightweight, versatile FGX Cat Tanto knife, featuring a durable Grivory design, kraton handles, and stealthy all-black finish for ultimate protection and convenience on any adventure.
  12. Cold Steel Master Hunter Hunting Knife: Versatile Drop-Point Spike with VG-1 San Mai 3 Blade and Black Kray-Ex Handle — Cold Steel Master Hunter: Exceptional American-made hunting knife, featuring a broad blade with VG-1 San Mai 3 steel for unparalleled cutting ability and edge retention, while the Kraton grip ensures comfortable long-term use.
  13. Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer: Versatile, Durable, and Safe Training Sword — Stay safe while training with the Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer, a reliable, lightweight, and durable synthetic training tool to master the art of handling hawks safely.
  14. Cold Steel Urban Pal Urban Survival Sleek Style — Survive the urban jungle with ease, thanks to the Cold Steel Urban Pal’s lightweight design, versatile drop point blade, and secure sheath.
  15. Cold Steel War Hawk Tactical Drop Point Spike — The Cold Steel War Hawk is a stylish and practical tactical axe, combining historical design elements with modern materials and a functional reversed Tanto spike, all wrapped in a durable Secure-EX sheath for secure holding and easy maintenance.
  16. High-Quality Recon Hawk Multi-Purpose Knife for Survival and Outdoor Adventures — The Cold Steel 80TPA3 Recon Hawk is a versatile, durable knife perfect for outdoor survival or recreational activities, featuring a chopping blade, spike, and a balanced design for easy throwing.
  17. Cold Steel Drop Point Spike with Secure-Ex Sheath — Experience the sharp cutting edge and rugged durability of the Cold Steel Drop Point Spike, a reliable weapon for modern warriors.
  18. Cold Steel Trench Hawk: Powerful and Durable Antidote to Confined Combat — The Cold Steel Trench Hawk is a versatile, durable, and effective combat tool featuring a shock-absorbent handle, versatile cutting edge and spike, and unmatched durability through 5150 carbon steel construction.
  19. Highly Durable Cold Steel Trench Hawk for Demanding Tactical Applications — The Cold Steel Trench Hawk is a rugged and durable tool for modern warriors, featuring a sharp cutting edge and highly resistant handle, all in an OD Green finish and secure sheath.
  20. Affordable, High-Performance Cold Steel Folding Knife for Hunting — Safely handle all jobs with the Cold Steel 23JC Double Safe Hunter, a budget-friendly folding knife with high-quality performance and innovative safety features.

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🔗Double Agent II: A Versatile Cold Steel Knife for Everyday Carry


The Cold Steel Double Agent II is a versatile knife that I’ve come to rely on in my daily life. This compact and lightweight blade, designed by Zach Whitson, is perfect for concealment and easy to carry with its comfortable grip. The double ring handle system allowed me to effortlessly switch between a forward and reverse grip, providing an extra level of security and control.

The blade length of 3 inches, combined with the 2.3 mm thickness, makes it ideal for various cutting tasks without sacrificing the knife’s portability. The Japanese Aus 8A Stainless steel ensures durability and a sharp edge right out of the box. I was particularly impressed with the Secure-Ex Neck Sheath, which securely keeps the knife in place without any hassle.

One downside I encountered was the sheath’s release tab, which took some practice to master. Additionally, I noticed that the blade could have been a bit thicker for more robust applications. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Cold Steel Double Agent II has proven to be a reliable and convenient tool for my daily activities, making it a worthwhile investment.

🔗Sleek Cold Steel Recon Tanto SK-5 Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath


The Cold Steel Recon Tanto SK-5 is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. The SK-5 carbon stainless steel blade has proven time and again to be a reliable choice for everyday use and intense combat situations.

One of its standout features is the smooth cutting action, which makes it perfect for a variety of tasks. A Kraton handle adds to the durability and comfortable grip, perfect for both survival situations or an afternoon at the campsite. With a total length of 29.7 cm and a blade length of 17.8 cm, this knife is easy to maneuver and a great companion when camping or hunting.

Weighing in at 250 g, this knife is comfortable to carry around and light enough not to hinder your movements. This Recon Tanto is designed to excel in the field, redefining the standard for combat knives worldwide. The secure-ex sheath included provides additional protection and a solid hold, so you will always have your trusty companion by your side.

This knife is an indispensable addition to any gear kit and will not disappoint those who seek both quality and versatility.

🔗Cold Steel Gi Tanto 80PGTK — Tactical Drop Point Spike Knife


The Cold Steel GI Tanto 80PGTK is a versatile tactical knife that has become a staple in its class. With a broad blade, integral guard, and Polypropylene handle scales, it embodies a stripped-down design that is perfect for tactical use.

One of the highlights of this knife is its 1055 carbon steel construction. This material provides a balance of toughness and edge retention that is perfect for everyday use. Additionally, the knife’s rust-resistant finish ensures that it will remain in excellent condition for a long time.

The knife’s balance and capability to be thrown by the blade or handle are also noteworthy. This feature makes it a reliable choice for a survival or self-defense situation. The ability to quickly and easily convert it into a spear is an added bonus.

However, the knife’s handle design does have some drawbacks. The upper finger guard can get in the way, and some users have reported grinding it down to improve grip. The handle’s overall comfort could also be improved, and the large logo on the sheath might be considered obnoxious by some users.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Cold Steel GI Tanto 80PGTK remains an excellent choice for those in need of a reliable and versatile tactical knife. Its durability, affordability, and range of potential uses make it a great value for the price.

🔗Double Edge Drop Point Spike with Reinforced Aluminum Handle


Inspired by the classic trench knives from World War I and II, the Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge is a rugged and reliable tactical fixed blade designed for the fierce realities of modern-day combat. The unique D-ring guard, crafted from reinforced 6061 aluminum, offers an incredibly secure and comfortable grip while safeguarding your hand against incoming attacks and protecting it during powerful punyo or butt strikes.

The 7.5-inch SK-5 high carbon blade, available in both Double Edge and Tanto shapes, is thick and sharp, perfect for precision cutting and slicing through a variety of materials. The Chaos series is coated in black Tuff-Ex, a corrosion-resistant finish that enhances cutting power by reducing friction. With its overall length of 13.5 inches and a weight of approximately 17 ounces, this versatile blade is ready for action when you are.

The Secure-EX sheath, featuring a tough belt loop, ensures dependable versatile carry, keeping your knife securely stored and easily accessible when you need it most. Whether you’re a soldier on the battlefield or prepping for emergencies, the Cold Steel Chaos Double Edge is an indispensable tool for those who demand the highest quality and durability.

🔗Cold Steel AK-47 Folding Field Knife with Stonewashed Finish


I recently had the chance to test out the Cold Steel 14AKA AK-47 Field Knife, and I must say, it’s quite an impressive piece. Designed by Andrew Demko, this knife is renowned for its hard-use capabilities and has become a go-to choice for personnel and special units around the world.

The first thing that stood out to me was the craftsmanship. Expertly made from CPM3-V steel, the knife boasts a rugged and durable design. The stonewashed finish of the blade, handle, and integral steel pommel ensure a long-lasting, hard-wearing finish.

One of the key features that I found most useful was the Secure-Ex sheath that comes with the knife. This versatile sheath provides an added layer of protection and convenience when carrying the knife.

Handling the Cold Steel AK-47 Field Knife was a pleasure. Its beefy saber ground clip point blade offers enough size and weight for solid grip and impressive cutting power. The OD green handle, with its stonewashed finish, feels comfortable and secure in my hand.

However, there were a couple of minor drawbacks to the knife. The screws that hold it together felt slightly weak and could potentially be a concern for those using the knife in more demanding situations. Also, the sheath I received had a musty odor, which was a bit disconcerting but didn’t affect the knife’s performance in any way.

Overall, my experience with the Cold Steel 14AKA AK-47 Field Knife has been very positive. It’s a sturdy, reliable, and versatile blade that would be a great addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s toolkit.

🔗Cold Steel San Mai Tanto Knife: Superior Quality and Lustrous Finish


As a knife enthusiast, I’ve been using the Cold Steel San MAI Recon Tanto for a while now and I must say, this is one of my favorite knives. Handling it, I was immediately impressed by the solid grip it offers, thanks to the flattened oval Kraton handle. Its deep lustrous satin finish and contrasting line grain finish on the blade flats showcase Cold Steel’s advanced grinding methods, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also highlighting its superior cutting ability.

One of the standout features is the blade length of 17.9 cm. It’s just right for everyday use and has proven to be the right choice for everyday carrying. While it might not be a do-it-all knife, the fact is that it’s a medium-sized tanto and does its job incredibly well.

However, there were a couple of areas where I noticed slight room for improvement. Firstly, while I appreciate the use of Kraton handle, I think it could provide a bit more resistance to twisting and rolling under heavy use. Also, while the Secure-Ex sheath is sturdy, I believe it could be a bit more rugged to withstand harsh conditions over long periods of time.

Overall, the Cold Steel San MAI Recon Tanto is a well-designed and functional knife. Its advanced features make it a reliable tool for everyday use, and I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a versatile blade.

🔗Cold Steel FGX Wasp: Versatile Serrated Blade Knife for Outdoor Adventures and Everyday Tasks


As a lover of outdoor adventure, I can’t help but be impressed by the versatility and durability of the Cold Steel FGX Wasp. With its 12.25-inch overall length, this knife is an absolute joy to handle. The 7-inch serrated blade adds a fantastic edge, allowing for easy cutting and sawing motions when tackling tough materials. Its black Griv-Ex construction stands out for its sleek appearance and high-strength resistance to wear and tear.

However, there are a few cons to consider. Firstly, the dull training knife edge is best suited for non-permissive environments, making it not the ideal choice for regular use. Additionally, the non-metallic construction causes some users to doubt its overall quality and strength.

In conclusion, the Cold Steel FGX Wasp is a reliable and stylish knife for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Although it has its drawbacks, its impressive capabilities and durability have made it a valuable addition to my gear collection.

🔗Cold Steel Kobun Serrated Tanto Knife — Tough, Reliable, and Versatile


The Kobun Serrated is a dependable knife that boasts the iconic reinforced American Tanto point, making it resistant to bending or breaking. It features a full serrated blade and a long black handle, ensuring a comfortable grip and a sleek, satin finish on the blade. The knife’s relatively low cost makes it an attractive option for self-defense, combat, or last-ditch defense purposes.

However, while the knife itself feels solid and sharp, the clip holding the sheath on seems weak and easily comes off. Additionally, the sheath’s material leaves something to be desired, with users suggesting using an alternative belt attachment like the Blade-Tech Tek-Lok for a better fit. Overall, the Kobun Serrated is a reliable and sharp option for those seeking a budget-friendly blade with a well-rounded cutting capability.

🔗Cold Steel Peace Maker II Drop Point Spike Knife


As a lover of compact and versatile knives, I was thrilled to try out the Cold Steel — Peace Maker — II. Its slim profile and comfortable boot carry made it an easy choice for my daily essentials. The lightweight and thin design were incredibly convenient, making it perfect for outdoor activities and everyday chores.

One standout feature was the “Scandi” ground blade bevel, which made resharpening a breeze. Additionally, the unique compound ground clip point provided both piercing power and a reliable cutting edge. The knife’s versatility was further enhanced by its thin, rectangular handle with subtle contouring and a pronounced palm swell. The double quillon guard and thumb trough offered both protection and a comfortable grip.

While its durability was impressive, I did find that it may not withhold as well as more expensive knives when it came to heavy-duty tasks. However, the knife’s resharpening ease made this a minor concern.

Overall, I was highly satisfied with the Cold Steel — Peace Maker — II. Its sleek design, versatility, and ease of use made it a reliable and convenient addition to my daily toolkit.

🔗Cold Steel Secret Edge 11SDT Knife: Slim, Efficient, and Versatile Neck Knife for Self-Defense


I recently tried the Cold Steel Secret Edge 11SDT Knife, and it has become a staple in my daily life. This sleek and lightweight knife is perfect for those who value unobtrusiveness and effectiveness in their self-defense tools.

One of the standout features of this knife is its width at the base of the blade, which provides cutting power without compromising its sharpness and narrow tip for easy penetration. The edge is so sharp that it’s an impressive sight to see, impressing even my family and friends who weren’t expecting the level of sharpness.

The slim and flat faux G-10 handle, along with its three holes, ensures a comfortable grip that prevents rolling or twisting in the hand. The flat and aggressively textured surface of the handle also offers a good grip for various cutting tasks.

Although the Secret Edge comes with a Secure-Ex sheath for reliable retention, it can be a bit tricky to access and deploy the knife quickly, which would have been a perfect addition to its features.

Overall, the Cold Steel Secret Edge 11SDT Knife is a reliable and efficient tool for those who value self-defense and practicality in their daily life. The combination of cutting power, sharpness, and a comfortable grip make it a great option for those in the market for an unobtrusive, yet highly effective neck knife.

🔗Cold Steel Nightshade Tanto Drop Point Spike


The Cold Steel FGX Cat Tanto has been a staple in my daily carry for quite some time now, and I must say, it has made a significant impact on my life. With its stealthy all-black appearance and impressive build quality, this knife has proved to be more versatile than I ever thought possible.

One of the most impressive features of the FGX Cat Tanto is its handle. Crafted from a unique blend of Kraton, the handle offers a superior gripping surface that is unaffected by heat, cold, or moisture. It’s remarkable, as I’ve been able to retain a solid grip on the knife even in the most extreme weather conditions.

As for the blade, it’s made from a fiberglass-reinforced plastic called Grivory, which is stronger than the super tough Zy-Ex used in earlier models by Cold Steel. This plastic material offers unparalleled durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that my FGX Cat Tanto remains in perfect condition, even after years of frequent use.

However, there are a few areas where the FGX Cat Tanto falls short. The blade, despite being made of such robust material, has a fairly limited cutting capacity. It’s perfect for general use and opening packages, but it wouldn’t hold up well against more demanding tasks, such as chopping through thick branches or cutting through materials like leather or sheet metal.

In conclusion, the Cold Steel FGX Cat Tanto has become an indispensable part of my daily life. Its stealthy design and exceptional build quality make it a must-have for anyone looking for a discreet yet reliable knife for everyday carry or as a last-ditch self-defense option. While its cutting capacity may be limited, the benefits it offers far outweigh any minor drawbacks. It has truly proven to be a valuable addition to my personal arsenal.

🔗Cold Steel Master Hunter Hunting Knife: Versatile Drop-Point Spike with VG-1 San Mai 3 Blade and Black Kray-Ex Handle


Have you ever encountered a hunting knife so well-regarded that it becomes a legend in the world of hunting? That’s precisely the status I’ve seen this Master Hunter from Cold Steel Knives achieve. Crafted with a broad blade for unmatched cutting ability, it’s a force to be reckoned with in the field.

The Master Hunter’s blade is made from the legendary VG-1 San Mai 3 steel, known for its strength and edge retention. The knife’s distal taper is a game-changer, allowing for ease of resharpening without compromising the blade’s cutting prowess.

Comfort and usability were not overlooked in the design process either. The Master Hunter features a deeply checkered Kraton handle, which provides a robust and secure grip, ensuring even the longest hunting sessions won’t leave your hand aching for a break.

Hail from Africa, Australia, Alaska, or Colorado? The Master Hunter has been put to the test by some of the world’s finest hunters, garnering praise and respect across the globe.

However, no product is perfect. Although the Master Hunter excels in many areas, some users have cited a slightly shorter blade than desired, leading to a desire for a slight increase in its length. Additionally, the San Mai 3 steel, while impressive, can be somewhat brittle. Proper care is necessary to prevent any issues with the blade, but this is a small price to pay for such an outstanding hunting knife.

In conclusion, the Master Hunter from Cold Steel Knives is a top contender for the ideal hunting knife. Its blend of strength, ease of use, and proven durability make it a must-have for any serious hunter. While there are a few drawbacks, the benefits far outweigh the minor setbacks. If you’re on the hunt for a knife that can truly stand the test of time, look no further than the Master Hunter.

🔗Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer: Versatile, Durable, and Safe Training Sword


The Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer is my go-to weapon for practicing self-defense and combat skills. Made with a synthetic substitute that is durable and virtually unbreakable, this replica allows me to train with confidence without worrying about causing injury to myself or others. Weighing just under a pound, the trainer closely duplicates the size, feel, and heft of the original Trench Hawk.

One of the standout features of the Trench Hawk Trainer is its polypropylene construction, which is lightweight yet remarkably stiff and cut resistant. I’ve been using this training tool for several months now, and I’m impressed by how it holds up to the wear and tear of daily practice. It’s also more comfortable to hold and use than the wooden trainers I’ve tried in the past.

The only downside I’ve encountered with the Trench Hawk Trainer is that it’s a bit too light for practical application with the actual Trench Hawk. However, this might be a positive for those looking to build up muscle and speed for using the real thing. Additionally, the blunt plastic blades make it safer to practice strikes without inflicting damage or hurting yourself or your training partner.

Overall, I highly recommend the Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer to anyone looking for a reliable and effective training tool. It’s the perfect addition to any self-defense or combat training routine, and it’s made by a reputable company known for their quality products.

🔗Cold Steel Urban Pal Urban Survival Sleek Style


In my quest to prepare for potential dangers in the urban jungle, I stumbled upon the Cold Steel Urban Pal. This miniature survival piece, though lightweight, packs a punch. The blade, made of high-quality AUS-8A stainless steel and boasting a drop-point design, can tackle tasks without much hassle. The handle, made of Kraton, provides a comfortable and firm grip, allowing me to apply force accordingly.

What sets this knife apart from its counterparts is its unique sheath. Designed with safety in mind, the Secure-EX sheath allows for easy storage while keeping the blade accessible at all times. It’s attached to a key ring, which can be attached to a keyring or worn around the neck, making it conveniently accessible.

However, one downside I’ve noticed is the friction-fit sheath. It seems less sturdy than other locking mechanisms available on the market. Another point of improvement could be the overall size of the knife. While it’s compact and fits well in a pocket or purse, some might find it a tad small for their liking.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Urban Pal has proven to be a reliable little tool in my urban survival gear. Its sturdy construction, convenient size, and easy accessibility make it a valuable addition to my EDC arsenal. While it may not be for everyone, those who prioritize portability and easy accessibility will certainly appreciate this diminutive, yet effective, survival tool.

🔗Cold Steel War Hawk Tactical Drop Point Spike


The Cold Steel War Hawk is a versatile axe that packs a punch for its size. As a reviewer who’s had the pleasure of using this tool extensively, the first thing I must commend is its durability. The drop forged 1055 carbon steel construction ensures an unparalleled strength, allowing it to easily cut through tough materials without showing signs of wear and tear.

The War Hawk’s 8.5-inch hawk length and 19-inch overall length provide a balance between ease of use and power, making it a fantastic choice for various tasks. Its design is inspired by classic fighting hand-axes and features a wide, bearded axe head and reinforced Tanto-style spike. However, one drawback is the slippery handle that can be quite problematic during intensive use.

The included Secure-EX sheath is a thoughtful addition, offering safe storage and easy portability. While I appreciate the care instructions provided, I found the need to hand wash the axe regularly a bit tedious. Despite the minor drawbacks, the Cold Steel War Hawk is a robust and versatile option that could be the perfect companion for those in need of a tactical tool.

🔗High-Quality Recon Hawk Multi-Purpose Knife for Survival and Outdoor Adventures


In my search for a versatile and reliable outdoor tool, I stumbled upon the Recon Hawk by Cold Steel. This 24 oz axe, with its 5mm leaf thickness and carbon steel blade, quickly caught my attention. Its 9.5-inch nylon handle proved to be a comfortable one-handed grip, while the balance made throwing it a breeze. The 65 m carbon steel blade, along with the spike on the opposite end, proved to be a crucial component in a variety of survival situations.

However, I must admit that the hollow-ground edge didn’t seem to hold up as well as I’d hoped when thrown at end-grain targets. The shorter handle also required a bit of extra effort to accurately aim and throw. Overall, the Recon Hawk was a solid choice, but with a few areas that could use improvement.

🔗Cold Steel Drop Point Spike with Secure-Ex Sheath


The Cold Steel Trench Hawk quickly became a staple in my daily life. The sharp cutting edge and wedge-style spike were perfect for various tasks, from chopping wood to gardening. Its durability was truly impressive, with the drop-forged 1055 carbon steel and differentially hardened head taking a beating without showing signs of wear.

I also appreciated the shock-resistant handle, which withstood the worst of my abuse without cracking. However, the packaging left a bit to be desired, with bubbles and dents causing damage to the outer casing.

Nonetheless, the Trench Hawk’s performance more than made up for these minor issues, making it a fantastic addition to my tool collection.

🔗Cold Steel Trench Hawk: Powerful and Durable Antidote to Confined Combat


Earlier this fall, I got my hands on the Cold Steel Trench Hawk and started using it for all sorts of work. The first thing that struck me was the weight — it’s hefty, but not unwieldy. In fact, the carefully designed handle makes it easy to grip and swing with confidence.

The cutting edge of the blade? Sharp as a tack, but it’s not the sharpest I’ve seen on a survival tool. The spike on the other end? A bit blunt for my liking, but still useful when I needed it to do some serious pounding.

Now, let’s talk about the sheath. It’s designed to be tough, and it’s definitely done its job. But sometimes, I found myself cursing its lack of a belt clip, especially when I had to drop it after a short stint of use.

Overall, the Cold Steel Trench Hawk is a rugged tool with its own set of pros and cons. It gets the job done, but I wouldn’t throw it around on a whim — there’s just a tad too much going on to make it perfect.

But if you’re willing to give it a bit of extra care, this tool could be just the thing you need in a pinch.

🔗Highly Durable Cold Steel Trench Hawk for Demanding Tactical Applications


I was initially intrigued by the Cold Steel Trench Hawk, a unique addition to my tactical gear collection. The first thing I noticed was its sharp cutting edge and wedge-style spike — great for trench warfare, I assumed. The drop forged 1055 carbon steel construction made it sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding considerable pressure without breaking. However, the handle, made from Polypropylene, proved quite disappointing. Despite its claim to be shock-resistant and survive abuse, I found it easily snapping under pressure.

The Trench Hawk’s Secure-Ex sheath was undoubtedly a welcome feature, but not something I would consider when purchasing this product. This tactical tool might have its merits, but in my experience, it struggled to live up to the promise of its features.

🔗Affordable, High-Performance Cold Steel Folding Knife for Hunting


I recently added the Cold Steel Tilite to my collection of hunting tools, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. This budget-friendly folding knife has truly exceeded my expectations. The Double Safe Hunter is modeled after the popular old-school Voyager, but with a few key improvements that make it even more user-friendly.

One of the most significant aspects of this knife is its unique safety mechanism. The Double Safe Hunter is designed with your fingers in mind, providing high protection and safety — a crucial feature when you’re out in the wild. Its secondary safety mechanism resists blows and other harsh impacts, giving you peace of mind as you tackle various hunting tasks.

The blade itself is also impressive. Measuring 8.89 cm in length, it’s versatile enough to handle jobs ranging from skinning mice to moose. The 8Cr13MoV steel hardened to 57–58 Rockwell hardness ensures that it’s durable and capable of withstanding wear and tear.

The handle is another highlight of this knife. Made from glass-filled nylon, it’s both thin and ergonomic, allowing for a comfortable grip even during long hunting trips. Additionally, the steel pocket clip is a thoughtful addition, making it convenient to carry around.

In my experience, the Double Safe Hunter from Cold Steel has been a reliable and efficient companion on my hunting adventures. It’s just the right size to fit in my pocket, and its clip makes it easy to access when I need it. The blade stays sharp for a long time, and the safety mechanism gives me confidence in its performance.

Overall, I highly recommend the Cold Steel Tilite for anyone in the market for a high-quality, budget-friendly folding knife. Its impressive features and safety features make it a worthy addition to any hunter’s toolkit.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Cold Steel Grik buyer’s guide, where we’ll provide you with essential information, considerations, and general advice for purchasing a Cold Steel Grik. This guide does not include specific product picks or external resource links, ensuring an unbiased and informative reading experience.


About Cold Steel Grik

The Grik is a versatile and innovative folding knife designed by Cold Steel. It offers durability, functionality, and practicality for various outdoor activities or everyday use. Before making a purchase, it’s important to understand the key features and considerations of the Grik to ensure it meets your needs.

Important Features

Here are some of the essential features you should consider when purchasing a Cold Steel Grik:

  1. Blade Material: Cold Steel uses high-quality materials like 1095 High Carbon Steel for its knives, ensuring durability and sharpness. 2. Blade Type: The Grik features a Clip Point blade, which is useful for various tasks like cutting rope or wood, skinning, and more.


  1. Size and Weight: The Grik is a lightweight and compact knife, which makes it easy to carry. However, the size may be too small for some tasks. Consider the size and weight of the knife in relation to your intended use. 2. Lock Mechanism: Cold Steel uses the Tri-Ad Lock System, which provides superior security and safety while folding the knife. Make sure the lock mechanism functions correctly before use.

Advice and Maintenance

  1. Proper Maintenance: To ensure the longevity of your Cold Steel Grik, it’s essential to clean and oil the blade after each use. This will prevent rust buildup and maintain the sharpness of the blade. 2. Storage: Keep the Grik in a protective case or sheath when not in use to avoid damage or accidental cuts.


What are the key features of Cold Steel Grik?

Cold Steel Grik offers a compact, lightweight design that is easy to carry and use. Its high-quality steel construction ensures durability and exceptional performance. The Grik comes with a unique deployment system that allows users to easily access the blade when needed. Additionally, it features a versatile design that can be used for various cutting tasks.

The Cold Steel Grik also has a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip, even when your hands are wet or slippery. Its rugged design makes it suitable for outdoor activities, camping trips, and survival situations, while still being a practical tool for everyday use. Overall, the Grik is a reliable and functional knife that offers great value for its price.


What are the different sizes and colors available for Cold Steel Grik?

Cold Steel Grik is available in two sizes: the 4.5-inch model and the 5-inch model. As for colors, the Grik is typically available in a dark, matte finish, which provides a stealthy appearance and blends well with various outdoor environments. Some models may also come with an optional orange handle, which can be a useful feature for increased visibility and safety.

These options allow users to choose the size and color that best suits their needs and preferences. Regardless of the size or color, each Cold Steel Grik is built with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring reliable performance and durability in various situations and conditions.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Cold Steel Grik?

The dimensions and weight of the Cold Steel Grik depend on the size you choose. The 4.5-inch model has an overall length of about 9.5 inches, a blade length of 4.5 inches, and a weight of approximately 3.3 ounces. The 5-inch model has an overall length of about 10.2 inches, a blade length of 5 inches, and a weight of approximately 4.6 ounces.

Both sizes are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making them suitable for everyday use and various outdoor activities. Despite their relatively small size, the Grik knives offer impressive performance and functionality, thanks to their high-quality steel construction and innovative deployment system.


Can the Cold Steel Grik be used for hunting and fishing purposes?

Yes, the Cold Steel Grik is an excellent tool for various outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, and camping. Its versatile design allows it to be used for a wide range of cutting tasks, such as gutting and filleting fish, cleaning and dressing game, and even cutting through ropes and cords. Its small size, lightweight design, and high-quality steel make it a reliable and durable option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Moreover, the Grik’s deployment system ensures that it is always readily accessible when you need it. This makes it a convenient and effective tool for any situation that may arise during your outdoor adventures. With the Cold Steel Grik, you’ll have a reliable, functional, and easy-to-use knife that can handle a variety of cutting tasks with ease.

What is the warranty on the Cold Steel Grik?

Cold Steel offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of its products, including the Grik knife. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, and it extends to the original purchaser of the product. If a Cold Steel Grik is found to be defective, the company will repair or replace the product at no additional cost to the customer.

It is essential to note that this warranty is limited to the original purchaser and does not cover misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear. In addition, Cold Steel may require proof of purchase, and the warranty may not apply to products sold through unauthorized dealers or channels. To ensure full coverage under the warranty, it is recommended to purchase your Cold Steel Grik from a reputable dealer or directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Is it legal to carry a Cold Steel Grik in my state or country?

Legal restrictions on the carrying of knives, including the Cold Steel Grik, can vary by state, country, or jurisdiction. It is essential to check and comply with the laws and regulations in the area you plan to carry your knife. Some jurisdictions may have specific restrictions on the type of blade, length, or design, and failing to follow these laws can result in fines, confiscation of the knife, or even criminal charges.

To ensure that you are aware of and comply with the relevant laws, it is advisable to consult with local law enforcement or government agencies, or visit their websites for information on knife laws and regulations. By being informed about these legal requirements and following them, you can avoid unnecessary complications and stay safe while enjoying your Cold Steel Grik and other outdoor activities.

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